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Surface treatment of materials in medical technology

Titanium and titanium alloys
Niobium, Nitinol, Tantalum
Chromium-Cobalt Alloys
Stainless steel

Tank volume:

Manual units:
5 liters – 250 liters volume
(Larger tank volumes on request)

Semi-automatic unitss:
5 liters – 100 liters volume
Load weight handling system: max. 10kg
(Larger tank volumes on request)

Manual rack, basket or drum systems
Semi-automatic with handling system and SPS control system

The requirements for medical parts, components and materials are very diverse and complex. Safety and reliability of the materials, the manufacturing process and machine technology are of great importance in medical technology. In addition, the validation of procedures and processes plays an increasingly important role. In particular, metallic heart or dental implants are subject to strict material properties: High mechanical strength, maximum biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. Titanium, niobium or stainless steel meet these material requirements and are therefore ideally suited for highly stressed medical parts and components.

For the surface treatment of medical instruments and components we offer special designed tank systems and compact electroplating units. These are offered either as manually operated or as semi-automatic machines with handling system and PLC control.

The modular plant design includes all necessary plant components and process steps for a high-quality surface. As a system supplier, we not only supply plants and plant components, but also the corresponding process chemistry, wastewater and exhaust air technology.